Program highlights district managers who work tirelessly for the citizens they serve

Susan Ramsey, Certified District Manager

Susan Ramsey, Certified District Manager

JASPER, FL – Last week, Susan Ramsey the executive director of the Hamilton County Development Authority (HCDA) was conferred as a Certified District Manager by the Florida Association of Special Districts (FASD) and the Florida Center for Public Management.

The FASD Certified District Manager (CDM) program is offered in partnership with the Florida State University’s Reubin Askew School of Public Administration and Policy. The program was developed in 2003 to reflect the FASD’s commitment to promoting awareness, education and recognition of the vital role District Managers play in providing services to millions of Florida residents.

“Each day the Hamilton County Development Authority is committed to promoting the county as a location for new business, new jobs and greater economic prosperity,” said Susan Ramsey of the HCDA. “I take the responsibility of our special district and its funding seriously and I am dedicated to transparency and accountability to our residents. This certification is another milestone to increase both the professionalism and competitiveness of our authority.”

Today, there are more than 600 Independent and Dependent Special Districts in the state which are governed by more than 30 statutes and involve more than 500 local governments. Certification as District Manager provides professional development in core competencies such as contract management and procurement, project management, intergovernmental affairs, public information and public relations, strategic planning and budgeting, board relations, ethics and public records laws.