RAI Energy International, Inc., a global renewable energy development company, announced last week that it has acquired ownership interest in a 70-megawatt solar farm with Hamilton Energy Resource Opportunities LLC. This investment is significant for Hamilton County in both short-term with construction and build-out jobs and long-term with increased tax revenue to the county. According to the Florida Chamber Foundation, the state’s population expected to increase by six million by 2030 and having advanced solar and other green technologies positions Hamilton County to be a more competitive community in the future.

The Hamilton County Development Authority looks forward to seeing this projected to completion and the impact that it will have on our local economy.

RAI Energy International, Inc. Acquires Interest in 70 MW Solar Project in Florida
Markets Insider – BusinessInsider.Com

“Jack Levine, HERO’s Managing Director and Founder, said, ‘We’re excited to bring RAI’s 75 years of energy sector experience to this project. RAI will help us ensure we can meet growing demand for solar energy in Florida. We want to continue to acknowledge the exceptional and ongoing support and assistance of Hamilton County, its Economic Development Authority, County Commissioners, officials and citizens without whom the project’s road to completion would not have been possible.’”

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