Cheek & Scott Drugs, Inc.

Since 2000, Jeff Scott R.Ph., has carried on family business of providing complete and quality healthcare to the people of in a 14-county area of North Central Florida. Cheek & Scott Drugs has served communities since 1965, when it was founded by Jeff’s father, Allison Scott. Cheek & Scott provides pharmaceuticals, professional counseling, natural pharmacy, medical equipment, oxygen, respiratory care, wound care, and other health care needs. According to the National Community Pharmacists Association, 32 percent of independent community pharmacies are located in an area with a population of less than 20,000. Rural pharmacies such as Cheek & Scott are vital in providing more convenient access to pharmaceuticals and equipment as well as health education in the community.

Cheek & Scott’s third community pharmacy was opened in Jasper in 2017.

What They’re Saying About Hamilton County

Our family-owned business has a long-standing tradition of serving our communities with not only convenient access to medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, but also community support. In just the short time that we have been opened in Jasper, we have already become part of the community with the services we provide. We look forward to continuing to grow with Hamilton County.

Jeff Scott, president and owner of Cheek & Scott Drugs, Inc.