Swift Straw

In March 2017, Swift Straw, opened its first Florida location in Jasper. The ag-based business has developed a reputation as the “ground cover specialists” throughout the Southeast. The company features a diverse portfolio including landscapers, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, hotels, homeowner associations, schools, parks and private homeowners. Swift Straw’s corporate strategy focuses on consistency in service and product, but is more importantly relationship driven. The company, which was launched in 2011, has hired more than 20 positons since locating in the community.

Swift Straw occupies the former ESP window factory warehouse providing needed redevelopment to the location. As part of the renovation effort, Swift Straw contracted with all Hamilton County companies and vendors for construction and supplies.

What They’re Saying About Hamilton County

“As Swift Straw grows its operations and customer base throughout the Southeast, we were excited to open our newest location in Hamilton County. Situated along two major interstates of I-75 and I-10, Hamilton County provides unmatched distribution and speed to market opportunities.”

Matt Lowe, CEO of Swift Straw.