Agriculture Industry in Hamilton County

Sowing the seeds of success.

Home to nearly 72,000 acres of farmland with a value of more than $45.4 million, agriculture is the fabric of our economy. With a rich agrarian history and a storied landscape dotted with century pioneer farms, Hamilton County is a prime location for agriculture and food manufacturing/processing industries.

Hamilton County’s best-selling crops are peanuts, grain corn, soybeans, hay and vegetables. Peanuts are Hamilton’s most popular crop with 2.45 million pounds sold in 2012, and the legume has remained the county’s best-seller for the last decade. The county’s top livestock production is in cattle and calves. In addition, a host of Hamilton County farms a large producers of of quail and chukar partridges. Hamilton is also in the top 100 counties in America for peanut and carrot production. Hamilton County serves as a top producer of: carrots , chukars, cotton & cottonseed and peanuts for nuts.

In addition to the numbers, Hamilton’s workforce is affordable and skilled in the industry. Boasting a strong agricultural history, the state provides assistance through the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Fresh from Florida marketing initiatives.

What They’re Saying About Hamilton County
“As Swift Straw operations and customer base have grown throughout the Southeast, we knew that Hamilton County was the right location for our Florida operations. Situated along two major interstates of I-75 and I-10, Hamilton County provides unmatched distribution and speed to market opportunities.”
Matt Lowe, CEO of Swift Straw.

Key Facts & Stats

million in agricultural gross regional product

agricultural and related industry jobs in a 30 minute radius

acres of land in farms

1,000+ acre farms