Manufacturing Industry
in Hamilton County

Room to grow.

Hamilton County’s business-friendly climate and available sites with easy interstate access provides manufacturing companies with the ability to grow bigger and be bolder without the burden of encroachment or long permitting delays.

Florida’s manufacturing industries are diverse and include sectors producing intermediate and finished products ranging from plastics, to tortillas, to motor vehicles. The 60-minute region surrounding Hamilton County is home to nearly 13,000 manufacturing employees earning an average of $53,000. This pool of skilled labor combined with fast-track permitting can help your manufacturing business ramp up fast and maximize your bottom line.

We know that workforce and the talent pipeline are critical to your success. Florida’s technical schools, community colleges and universities are preparing talent for tomorrow with nearly 9,000 manufacturing certificates and degrees awarded each year.

Key Facts & Stats

The 60-minute region boasts more than 5,000 employees in Brookings Institute's definition of advanced industries.

Florida is a right-to-work state – giving businesses flexibility in finding the right workers for their team.


Access to markets and excellent transportation links make Hamilton County attractive to small manufacturers looking for room to grow and expand.